Tidbits on a Tuesday


Things have been pretty busy around here. Here are some tidbits of information.

The house is coming along. It took almost 3 weeks to get the tile in but it looks so great. The painting is half done, we get carpet on Friday, and Saturday will be spent cleaning the outside of the house and planting flowers. Then we’ll be ready to officially put our house on the market. We so excited and nervous at the same time.

I’ve only looked online so far for houses. I keep going back and forth between newer and older homes. They each have advantages and disadvantages. Newer = Less remodeling/decorating, young children as neighbors for the kids, and possibly a nicer neighborhood. But also “cookie cutter” neighborhood, houses are close together, unfinished basements, and small yards with virtually no landscaping. Older = just the opposite of those things.

We’ve been pretty busy with our photography. In our queue to be blogged are: Valley of Fire landscapes, Smith & Edward’s junk yard, my niece’s bridals and wedding, a high school senior session, some missionaries, and portraits we took of Bishop Carolyn Tanner Irish, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Utah for Utah Business Magazine.

We watched “Bright Star” a couple of weeks ago and it was so good. It is Jane Austen-esque and oh, so romantic. It is only rated PG so it really is romantic, not lusty like so-called romantic comedies.

And here are some random family pictures from February, March, and April.

Rob’s mom’s birthday party:



4 thoughts on “Tidbits on a Tuesday

  1. Thanks for the pictures. I can tell that you are soooo busy. Little princess is cute as ever. Love, Grandma.

  2. You are always capturing the perfect moment….including the the experssion of personality. What a joy to see.

  3. Jordan:
    My mom got the game from lakeside.com. She gets their toy magazine. But that was for Christmas so I don't know if they still have it.

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