Our Trip to Penn State – Part 1

I have a mountain of laundry and am tired, but I want to make sure to get our vacation documented before I start forgetting some of the details.

We went to Pennsylvania to visit my Grandma Raines (my dad’s step-mom). It’s been 10 years since I’ve seen her which means she hasn’t met Rob or the kids. She’s always been so kind by commenting on our blog, sending emails, and sending gifts for Christmas and birthdays. I wanted to make sure the kids had some memories of her so when a killer deal came up, we went for a visit.

Grandma emphasized how much she dislikes having her picture taken, so we kept our camera put away. That’s why we don’t have any pictures of her. But we had a great time chatting, eating, and looking through photo albums. The kids had a great time exploring around her apartment and finding cool treasures (adding machine, magnifying glass, etc.).

Thanks, grandma Maria, for hosting our family. We truly enjoyed our stay and are so happy we had the opportunity to get to know each other a little better.

We love you!!!

(I have much more of our trip to blog about.)

2 thoughts on “Our Trip to Penn State – Part 1

  1. It was so nice having you here for a visit. The two children are so precious. I met Rob for the first time and he is so handsome and so polite. Julie I love you and I am so glad that you thought of coming to see me. Grandma

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