Our Trip to Penn State – Part 2

THUMBS DOWN: To the manufacturers of contact solution for not selling a bottle that complies with FAA standards for liquids.

THUMBS UP: Getting numerous comments such as “Wow! I didn’t even realize there were kids on the plane!” Yup, my kids are just that great.



THUMBS DOWN: United baggage handlers breaking our stroller.

THUMBS UP: Getting upgraded from a Dodge Caliber to a Chrysler Town & Country minivan.

THUMBS DOWN: To directions from MapQuest and missing roads from maps.

THUMBS DOWN: To the never-ending mile. They stretch on forever there and make car rides long.

THUMBS UP: To beautiful, peaceful Lancaster County, PA. The farms, the trees and leaves, the rolling hills, the many horse-and-buggies (No pictures of those. The Amish believe photographs are making “graven images”), the dark, and the quiet.

THUMBS UP: The homemade “grate nuts” and granola left for us from the Mennonite couple whose apartment we rented.

THUMBS UP: To the Mennonite couple inviting us to their Amish & Mennonite Church. We weren’t able to stay the whole time, but were there for Sunday School/Primary. It’s amazing how similar we are. If it weren’t for the men and women sitting on separate sides of the chapel and the bonnets and beards, I’d swear we were in our own church.

THUMBS UP: To the First Presbyterian Church members who were so kind to us when we wandered in off the street to find Nate a bathroom. They even offered us refreshments. Now that’s one thing we ARE missing at our own church.



THUMBS UP: To beauty and kindness everywhere

2 thoughts on “Our Trip to Penn State – Part 2

  1. Oh man I LOVE that area. I grew up just south of there in Maryland and we would visit Lancaster COunty PA almost every summer. It is truely an amazing place. So different then a lot of the USA, is so many respects. That is cool you respected their wishes for not taking their pictures, so many people don't.

  2. What a neat trip for your family. Someday I hope to visit Pennsylvania-and many, many other places. Thanks for sharing with us.

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