Nebo Drive & Payson Lakes

Last weekend we piled in the car and drove down south to the Nebo Area.  We hoped to go a few weeks earlier to see the leaves change but couldn’t make it happen.  So yeah, the leaves were all down as we, or at least I (Rob) expected.  Every time we drove over a hill and beheld a valley filled with trees (sans leaves) I would chuckle a little because I knew Julie was agonizing over how beautiful it could have been…..if only…..  LOL!

We got out of the car at a few places along the drive to take a walk in the woods.  How fun it was to goof around with the kids.  We had a blast playing with sticks and rocks, throwing dirt and leaves, and jumping on logs.  Of course we made a lot of images. 

Nate has his mom’s amazing eyes!

Eventually we made our way to Payson Lakes.  We played in the dirt, mud, sand, and water for at least two hours! The kids found a old broken paddle to use as a make shift shovel.  Instant FUN!

Here is one of Madeleine with her pile of rocks and dirt.  She worked on this for about 20 minutes.  I’m not really sure what she was doing the entire time; However, we can rest assured that it was satisfying.  🙂

Here are a couple shots I took when I wasn’t playing with the kids.  We even found a few leaves for Julie!

I sure wish people would pick up their trash! Ugh!


Those interested can find a few more images in the web gallery.

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