Happy Birthday, Colleen!


Today is my sister Colleen’s birthday. She turned 24. She has two totally great sons, Jason and Xander. 

Here are a few memories I have of her or of us growing up together:

  • When Colleen was only a few years old, she would write her name on everything…usually in permanent marker. We’d find her name on bed frames, the wall, tables, just about anything. What made it funny was that she would always deny it, even though it was her name. What’s even funnier, is this is how she spelled Colleen – ololloollo. It was like she was a computer coding genius at 3. I wonder what secret program she was writing?
  • Colleen loved to tag along with me and my best friend. She was game for anything we wanted to play, as long as she was included. We played house, post office, school, Barbies, and anything else. She always wanted to be in the middle of the fun.
  • I don’t know if she still is, but growing up, Colleen was very accident-prone. I take that back, I do know. She is still very accident prone. She had a huge, bloody scrape across her face for my sister’s wedding, she chipped her two front teeth riding her bike into a parked car, she has had numerous sprained appendages, etc. But she’s always been a good sport about it, usually laughing at herself as she tells us what happened.
  • She had the prettiest, naturally blonde hair growing up. I was always jealous because mine was mousy brown. And I always thought my hand-me-downs looked cuter on her.
  • She has empathy. Two great stories comin’ at ya. 1-When she was maybe 3 years old we were visiting my grandparents on a vacation. We were all eating ice cream in the living room. We found Colleen in the bedroom with my great-grandmother who had Alzheimer’s, hand-feeding her ice cream. 2-The second story happened the night I said goodbye to my boyfriend who was entering the MTC the next day. I came home and as soon as I walked in the door, Colleen came to me and gave me a big, long hug. Now, my family is not a family of huggers. I don’t usually care for it (except with Rob and the kids), but that night I did and I was so appreciative of her for recognizing the difficult time I was going through. She was the only one who seemed to acknowledge it, and it meant a whole lot to me.
  • I seem to remember her always being in good spirits and enthusiastic, even amidst a difficult moment.

Some other notable things about Colleen now:

  • Even with all the stresses of adulthood, she is still usually in good spirits and enthusiastic about life.
  • Colleen and I have our differences. Many of them, in fact. But we’re always able to come together after a disagreement and just be sisters. She doesn’t hold grudges and does a good job at shrugging things off.   
  • She is very detail-oriented. I am also, so I really value when someone else is. When she has the planning reigns, you don’t have to worry about her overlooking anything. She’ll have every detail worked out.
  • One thing that I truly admire is her phone skills. I hate calling. She revels in it.
  • She’s able to talk to absolutely anyone for any amount of time, even perfect strangers. It’s easy and natural for her. She’s always gracious.

Happy Birthday, Colleen!! I love you!!

One thought on “Happy Birthday, Colleen!

  1. Colleen, I am wishing you a very Happy Birthday and many good years to come, also much love and happiness. Thinking of you. Grand Ma, Maria.

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