Colleen & Kids

My (Julie) sister asked us to take pictures of her, her sons, and her boyfriend’s sons. We went to Fort Buenaventura in Ogden. It was a great place for photos! Plus, the boys had fun running around in between photo snapping. It’s always easier when the kids are entertained and happy.

I’m not going to say too much else because Colleen’s birthday is this week so there’ll be a birthday post coming up. But enjoy the pictures. Family can see more here.


Xander is notorious for not wanting his picture taken. But we got some! Yay!



Jason looking handsome as ever.


His cool trick.



This picture makes me laugh. Jason was frustrated that his brother wasn’t cooperating. But Xander found great pleasure in licking his fingers and ignoring everyone.


But, eventually, we got a great shot.





This kid cracked me up. He was all about helping us with his own ideas on background, lighting, and posing. 


When I asked them to give me attitude, I got attitude!


One thought on “Colleen & Kids

  1. I think this is great – so many boys! They are all good looking and will be handsome when they are grown. (no
    one is better looking than Madeline though).

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