Labor Day – A Day Trip

Can anyone guess where we went on our day trip??


I’ve (Julie) been wanting to drive the scenic Mirror Lake Highway for some time now. Finally, on the last unofficial day of summer, we made the trek. The weather was perfect and the the crowds of campers had all packed up and were going the opposite direction. There are a ton of pictures, but what would a Snow post be without them? Rob decided to let me handle the camera for the day, so all the pictures are courtesy of me!


After stopping in Kamas for lunch at Dick’s Drive-In (quite good), our first stop was just along the Provo River so the kids could throw rocks. Okay, okay, it was so Rob could throw rocks. He never fails to drop a large one in the water right next to me, drenching me, and he never fails to think it’s hilarious.



We stopped briefly at the Slate Gorge Overlook and then on to Upper Provo River Falls. I always had a memory in the back of my mind of coming here when I was little but never knew where or what it was. So it was pretty cool to get out of the car and see what I’d seen in my head all these years. This is such a fun place. The photos don’t really show very well, but picture terrace after terrace of waterfalls. After each fall is a pool of calm, shallow water. Great climbing rocks surround the area. The place was crawling with kids having a BLAST.





Next we stopped briefly at Washington Lake before the wind drove us onward.



Our last stop was at Mirror Lake. Geez, is it gorgeous or what?! Like always, Rob and I pledge to go back when we have more time to camp.





Family can view more pictures of our day trip here.

BTW…Yesterday’s post was supposed to be titled Southern EXPEDITION, not Southern EXPOSURE. hehehe. Oops.

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