Southern Exposure – Day 3

I know I’m supposed to be writing about our Labor Day fun, but these pictures are finally ready so I’ll blog about this first. Hopefully I’ll get to Labor Day later this week.

We got up pretty early and went to Bryce Canyon National Park. We had originally planned to do a 3-4 hour hike which passed most of the significant points of interest down inside the amphitheatre, but were quickly running out of time. So we shortened the hike to 2 hours and still saw some incredible scenery. There’s no way to fully appreciate the beauty of this place if you just see it from the overlooks. Those, too, are amazing and give you a sense of scale, but hiking below the rim is a real treat.

We started at Sunset Point and hiked down through Wall Street. This was one of my favorite parts of the hike. Switchback upon switchback lower you into a narrow canyon with the wall HIGH above. Notice the teeny people at the bottom of this photo.


Next we walked through the valley with the orange rocks, green trees, and blue sky. Not too many people hike through this area so it was a lot less busy than the other areas of the hike, which was nice.


Next we hiked up to Queen’s Garden, which was another of my favorite areas.


Then we wound our way up to a lookout point. On one side of us was this view…


And on the other side of us was this view.


We made it up to Sunrise Point and walked along the rim to our beginning point. Along the way we stopped and sat on a bench which overlooked the entirety of Bryce Canyon. We couldn’t get ourselves to leave the view for a long time. It pretty much took our breath away.


So, all throughout our Southern Utah trip, we ran into gazillions of French speakers. I know some were from Canada and some from France but I wonder…does anyone know if there’s some kind of Southern Utah marketing bonanza geared towards the French? There weren’t very many people from other European countries or from Asia. But like I said, gazillions of French. I bugged Rob the whole trip to get him to ask them why, but he kept chickening out. Anyone else know?

Afterwards, we drove home through Red Canyon. Our trip was amazing. Thanks again to Rob’s parents for watching the kids. We’d never be able to do this kind of hiking with them. Thanks to my best friend and husband who is always up for an adventure and willing to appease my exploring nature.

Can’t wait for our next trip!

One thought on “Southern Exposure – Day 3

  1. Yes, I know, it was Arizona. No kidding, at first glance one could think it is the grand canyon. Wherever it is it is very beautiful and unusual. Glad you could make it there. . . . . . Maria.

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