Help Wanted:

One part-time mother for my two children.

Requirements: Piles of patience, the cleaning capabilities of Alice from the Brady Bunch, the energy of a nuclear rocket, and an unnaturally cheerful attitude 110% of the time whilst being screamed at nonstop.

Must be able to handle one constantly over-dramatic child and one who is roaring into her terrible 2s.

The lucky candidate will start immediately with a base salary of ZILCH.

Please send your resume
Attn: Mrs. Exhaus Ted CrankyPants

5 thoughts on “Help Wanted:

  1. Soon!!! very soon, they will be all grown up and you will wonder where the years went, because you are not any older-they will leave home, and take their dirty laundry with them.

  2. You can hire me and I'll hire you– but I do agree first with your friend michelle that we all could use (and deserve) an Alice from the Brady Bunch and secondly I agree with your mom that you are such a great mom. See you tomorrow!!!

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