Potty Tales

I suppose every parent has a bunch of potty tales from their toddlers/preschoolers. Here are a few of mine. Sorry, they’re a bit graphic.

  • Nate’s not afraid to bare it all for everyone to see. He has no shame. The other day we were at Cabela’s and he went into the restroom. I was waiting out in the common area outside the bathroom near the front of the store. He doesn’t like the loud flushes of public toilets, so he came out yelling for me with his hands over his ears and his pants and underwear around his ankles.


  • He was playing at a neighbor’s house one day (don’t worry, it wasn’t any of yours) and I went to pick him up. We were walking down the driveway and I noticed something. I said, “Nate, WHAT is THAT?”. He hung his head and said, “Sorry, mom.” Yep, a big poop was sitting their on someone else’s driveway. I hesitated, decided to have him take off his shirt, pick it up, and throw them both in a trashcan. Disgusting!!


  • We were at Ikea the same day as Cabela’s and he told me he had to poop so into the restroom he went. A few minutes later an older gentlemen came out and asked me if I was his mom. Turns out, Nate had improperly used the urinal…

Since this is my first child, I’ve honestly just never thought of all the things I should cover when I potty train. It never crossed my mind to make sure he knows what the urinal is and is not for. I told Rob he needs to sit down and have a serious discussion covering all the do’s and don’ts of all things bathroom. I’m sure I’ll have many more of these stories to come. Oh, joy. But you’ve gotta admit, they’re pretty funny.

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