Foto Friday – Mon Batteur

Foto Friday - Mon Batteur-2

Unfortunately, with life as busy as it is, Rob doesn’t get to hit his cans as much as he’d like. But back in the day of our dating, the kid was a rockstar!

I’ll start from the semi-beginning. The first time I went to Rob’s house after we had met, he took me down to the basement. There stood, on a riser, a drum kit. Sweet, I thought. This guy is cute and he’s a drummer! So that meant he wasn’t quite as straight-laced as he seemed. Niiiiice. Julie was intrigued…

Come to find out, he played in a multitude of bands in high school, including a hard core band. There’s a picture somewhere of him at that age playing at a club with his shirt off and a mean look on his face. Everyone who knows Rob knows he’s the nicest man alive so it’s really funny to think of him in that other light.

He even played in a band on his mission.

When we met, his new band, FOUND, had just formed and they were awesome. I mean, really great. They played at clubs a couple weekends a month and won every Battle of the Bands they ever competed in by a loooong shot. Since I was the drummer’s girlfriend, I tagged along and helped set up and take down his kit. I wasn’t really into photography at all back then, but I ended up being the band’s photographer. The band members ended up going their separate ways a couple of years later, sadly. But they sure had fun while it lasted.

The above picture was taken at a Christmas event in downtown Salt Lake City. Doesn’t this look like album art? Don’t ask me how I did it. This was years before I took up photography as a hobby. I took it with someone else’s camera, have no idea how I imported it into Photoshop, and don’t know all that I did to it. But I think it is unedited except for the “colored pencil” effect applied to it. Fun, huh? 

Here is a little more more eye candy from shows at Liquid Joe’s and Port-O-Call. They are completely unedited (if I remember correctly). I guess I had an eye for taking pictures even before I knew what I was doing. The quality is a little poor because of the size of the original files.


Foto Friday - Mon Batteur


Foto Friday - Mon Batteur-2

One thought on “Foto Friday – Mon Batteur

  1. This was a great post! Mostly because of all the memories that it brough back. The Rob that I first met and knew for years was the hard core bandmate. Glad to see that he is a little more mature (I did say little)

    Rob has always been a very talented musician. These pictures are great documentation of that! Great job Julie!

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