Anyone? … Anyone?

The other day I (Julie) wrote a really long and involved post about fake chicken. Man, it was a good one. At the very end I was trying to insert a picture (a very disturbing picture of a bright red chicken sans feathers) and Live Writer crashed. Of course, I forgot to save my well-written post. I was heartbroken and too upset to start over. Maybe one day when I get annoyed to my brink again with fake chicken I’ll write it again. So sit on the edge of your seats.

The real reason for this post is to try to get myself out and socializing more. My brain is turning to mush and I need to do something other than the norm.

I have a couple of activities planned that I’m inviting all (or any?) of you to join with me.

1-I need to get the kids to the zoo. I’ve waited way too long and now the heat is stifling, which I abhor. But they’d have a blast.

2-Ballet Under the Stars on July 10th at 8:30pm at the Murray Park Amphitheater. Wow. Who knew amphitheatre had an h after the p. Interesting. $8.

3-Rob and I have reserved a campground at Sunrise above Bear Lake for August 21-22. We can probably fit one other small family in our site or you can get your own. We’d like some other kids around Nate’s age so he has someone to play with in the water.

4- Adrienne, Dustie, and Whitney, it’s about time for our annual girls’ dinner out. Or maybe an overnighter where we can split the hotel bill and and do what girl’s do best. PAARRRTTAAYYYY!!!!

5-Rob’s gone with the scouts the week of July 20th and I don’t want to be stuck home the whole time with just the kids keeping me company. So I’m looking for something to do or somewhere to go. Must be cheap…or free. 

Anyone have any other fun things to do? This request includes things with the kids and without. Thanks!

PS. I’ll fee like a big loser if nobody comments.

4 thoughts on “Anyone? … Anyone?

  1. Jules, we can do dinner anytime! It's been way too long. And I promise not to be stressed out this time… 🙂

  2. We would love to go to bear lake. I will have to talk to gene about that. But we don't have a child that is Nathan's age.

    You could come up to boise in July, but that might be expensive. We could try to squeeze into our small apartment. It could work:) It was good seeing you guys.

  3. I, too, need to get to the zoo. I like going first thing in the morning (not quite so crowded and not so hot) and of course we need to get together. I would love bear lake, but we'll be at East Canyon that weekend. Sounds like lots of fun!

  4. Going to the zoo would be great. Anytime you want to go, preferably on Tuesdays and Thursdays, would be great for us.

    The amphitheater sounds fun. I'll have to look into that and maybe we could meet you there.

    On the 20th of July I'll be packing and preparing to move (not far, just a block or so), so if you're just DYING for something to do you're welcome to come hang out in our clutter and help pack! *And don't worry, I won't feel bad if you don't take me up on this exciting offer! 🙂

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