Earthquake in the Morning – Weber Segment of the Wasatch Fault

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That’s right, the Weber Segment of the Wasatch fault will rupture tomorrow morning at 6:00 am.  Are you ready? 

Really, are you ready?

Are you ready?

OK, so maybe it isn’t a real earthquake; however, the City of Ogden, “in cooperation with County, State, and Federal Agencies will be conducting a citywide disaster drill.”   The earthquake drill will begin tomorrow morning at 20th Street and Grant Avenue.

“Residents will be allowed front-row seating to witness firsthand city emergency services operate. Events include full scale EOC (Emergency Operations Center) activation, house fire containment, simulated derailment resulting in evacuating five city blocks, building evacuations, to name a few.”  This is a great opportunity for the local entities to run thorough the drill and figure out where their plans fall short and fix them.  As public we will greatly benefit from this drill when we actually have a real emergency.

An emergency preparedness fair will also be held on Park Blvd between Grant Ave and Washington Blvd from 10am to 3pm.  They will be covering many subjects and you’ll likely find out how to get ready for the earthquake.  I don’t think we all realize the impact that a large earthquake will have on our lives.  It is a big deal.

A few months ago I blogged (check out the cool videos) some information from the Big Southern California Shakeout, a very large scale earthquake scenario where the public was also involved in the drill.  A large scale scenario will occur in Utah in the next few years.

Anyway, props to Ogden City, go to the preparedness fair, and get ready.  The big one strikes tomorrow!!!!

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