It’s gonna be a long post. Here are some of the things that we’ve been up to lately.

Madeleine said her first prayer with help. It was soooo cute! She folds her arms, mimicked what Rob was saying, and then unfolded her arms when we said amen. Very, very cute.

She and Nate LOVE to wrestle with each other and the little 1-year-old instigates it half the time. When they get on this kick, Rob and I just leave the room because there’s no stopping the madness that ensues.

We finished painting and decorating Nate’s bathroom. It looks really cute with real starfish stuck to the walls and a clear canister of shells. He’s always asking us to go to the beach so I thought I’d go with that theme since we already had light blue paint hanging around. It’s simple, but that’s how I like it.

We’ve been trying to stay somewhat isolated from the world for the last week since there’s been a cold going around here. But every once in a while we let ourselves go outside somewhere where we’re not confined in a room of breathing, unsuspecting people. Although, there’s nothing sweeter than a baby with snot streaming down her face. I love it when she wants to snuggle and wipe it all over me. Ahhhh……

Saturday we enjoyed the air show from an elevated neighborhood under construction. It was a great view with no crowds. Can’t beat that. The kids (and Rob) had so much fun playing in the dirt. In the middle of the show, Nate had to go to the bathroom and there was no bathroom anywhere. Rob and I were up on a hill and Nate was down below. We told him to go “over there” to pee. To him, “over there” meant 5 feet away from a group of playing kids. He pulled his pants down around his ankles and let loose for all to see. Oh, man. Pretty funny, but I think we need to teach him some modesty.

I’m assuming it’s normal for a 3-year-old boy’s favorite scripture story to be Jesus being crucified. That’s the only scripture story he wants before bed. And yesterday he told his first lie. He or Madeleine colored on his sheets but he kept naming his different cousins telling us that they did it. “Xander did it. Jason did it. Addison did it.” Oh, man. 

Yesterday I took the kids to pick strawberries at Day Farms. It was so fun! I enjoyed picking while the kids enjoyed playing in the mud. Nate even weighed his box of mud he brought home. They came home covered and happy. I ended up with 6 pounds of delicious strawberries and Rob’s already eaten about 2 pounds of them. Last night we had strawberry waffles for dinner and strawberry shortcake for dessert. We made strawberry syrup and a strawberry dessert for the freezer. Tonight we’re making strawberry/nutella crepes for dessert. Wow.

Oh, I must not forget, THANK YOU!!! To all of you who submitted suggestions for my next book. As soon as I’m finished with my current one, I’ll be doing a little research on Amazon to help me decide which of your recommendations I’ll take. I’m pretty excited, actually!

Aaannnddd….yesterday I received my FIRST comment from a totally random person in the blogosphere!! I know, that’s old hat for some of you, but I’m stoked! She found our blog on Google which I think is totally cool. So Jennie W, thanks for making my night!

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