Awkward Posing

Rob and I were thinking about adding some “oomph” to our portraits. We feel like we need to be more creative in order to express the personalities of our clients. Here are a few examples we’re going to try:


“The Headpile”



“Never before has a birthday cake photograph been so chilling.”





“After experimenting with different poses for these four siblings, the photographer finally nailed it.”





Anyone interested in making an appointment with us so we can try one of these new techniques??

If you want to see more, visit Awkward Family Photos. You’ll have a good laugh.

7 thoughts on “Awkward Posing

  1. Got these in an email the other day. You left out my favorite one! it could be because of the inappropriate nature. I'm sure you know which one I'm talking about now…

  2. i've always wanted to take a superhero family foto or a beatles foto of everyone walking across the street. i also think wind machines are cool, missued or otherwise.

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