Boise With Breanna and Fam

Alley of Color

The first weekend in April we ventured up to Boise for Rob’s sister’s senior piano recital at Boise State University. She’s worked incredibly hard and we wanted to go support her and congratulate her on this huge accomplishment. She had over an hour of memorized pieces to play including Rachmaninoff’s Concerto #2! One of my favorites ever! Her performance gave me chills.

Before the recital, Rob and I had some time to explore downtown Boise on our own little photowalk. We had a great time wandering around and ate at a great Greek restaurant. Then we picked up the kids and headed just out of town to the Idaho State Penitentiary. When I was planning the trip, I suggested it to Rob and he full-heartedly said YES to this little venture. He was so excited to get some creepy pictures. Weirdo.

We had a great time there. The kids were able to run around at their leisure without me worrying about where they were; afterall, they were in a prison yard…hehehe. How convenient.

Rob and I have been to Alcatraz and we both agree that this little place is JUST as impressive and cool, yet tons less expensive. There were many buildings we were able to wander in and out of including the armory, which has a substantial exhibit we wish we had more time to check out.

Here are the pictures.

We had such a fun time with the family, too. Nate and Madeleine love their cousin Joseph and had so much fun playing together. We really wish we could get together more often. Maybe this summer we’ll take the drive up again.

We love the Russell family!

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