Friday Night

Temple with Fountain

This is just a photo I took last month. Is the exposure too dark? I can’t decide.

It’s Friday night and the boys are camping. Gotta say, I’ve been looking forward to this night for a few weeks now. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t revel in the constant crazy 3-year-old boy noise, NoIsE, NOISE (said like the Grinch), but a little stillness is nice sometimes. Madeleine and I are joining them tomorrow for an afternoon in the canyon.

We heard a funny story the other day from a primary teacher (not Nate’s). He and his wife were sitting in sharing time listening to the lesson and his wife felt something weird. She looked down and Nate was on the ground licking her shoe!!!!! EEEWWWW!!!!  HAHAHA!!! I guess he entertains them all the time in church. 

Madeleine and I enjoyed a long night out shopping. It’s so much easier when you can strap them in. We had plenty of things to buy on our list but didn’t find a thing. I even had money to spend! Hate when that happens. She tried on tons of shoes, which she likes to do, but we didn’t find anything that fit. We never do. She has super narrow feet and unless I want to spend more on her shoes than on my own, she just has to go barefoot. Good thing it’s summer.

I can’t think of anything that’s new with me or Rob. We’re just as happy as can be and glad to have each other.

Happy weekend!

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