What the Crap? You’re saying that Foto Friday MOVED!

In a word, Yes.  We moved the foto friday and photography stuff to blog.rjsnowphotography.com. We are trying to generate traffic on our photography site and also don’t want all that traffic to come to our family blog.  Perhaps you see the problem.  However, I think this will all work out nicely for everyone. 

So what do you do?  If you typically visit the blog using a web browser, just add one more site to your daily routine blog.rjsnowphotography.com.  If you use an rss reader, here is the link to the feed to add to your reader (such as feeddemon or google reader). If you use our email subscription service then you will receive a confirmation email asking if you would like to receive updates for the new blog.  Confirm the email if you would like to receive our photography emails  or ignore if you would rather not.  Please leave any questions in the comments.

If you are looking for the most recent foto friday post, you’ll find it on the new blog here

For some unknown reason, a recent post about Julie’s Nephew Greg was not sent out in the rss or email.  Please find it here.

Have a Great Weekend!

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