Pics & Stories

20090419-20090419-DSC_9342  20090419-20090419-DSC_9269

Here are a bunch of fun pictures we’ve taken of the kids over the last month or so.

The first set is of the kids playing outside.

The second set is of the kids in their Easter outfits.

The third set is a couple of funny shots of Rob. Make sure to expand the description on the second picture so you can read it all.

Some stories:

  • The other day Nate was being very quiet in his room. After asking a couple of times what he was doing and him replying “Nofin,” I checked on him. He was laying in bed and I asked him if he was okay. He said, “Yeah, I’m just waiting for dad to come home.”
  • After having to have his blood drawn again for more tests because his white blood cell count was low, the doctor concluded that Nate just had/has a viral infection that’s running its course. Okay….wonder how much that little bit of info is gonna cost us. And I’m bugged because the doctor wouldn’t even talk to us the three times he needed to after Nate’s original appointment. He just had an assistant talk to us even though we requested to talk to him twice. Yeah, we’re getting a new pediatrician.
  • Yesterday, on his own accord, Nate used his foam letters to spell out words he saw on his toy. He spelled turkey and goose. How great is that?!
  • Madeleine is a little spit-fire sometimes. If we tell her no, she’ll act all defiant and grab or step on something angrily. It’s pretty funny and we can’t help but laugh.
  • She’s finally starting to like the bath again. Madeleine went through a phase where she’d scream and try to climb out every time we stuck her in the bath, even if just her feet got wet.
  • Some of the words Madeleine now says are boo, ball, baby, and bear. Notice a trend?
  • Her favorite games are Boo, Chase, and Sliding.

One thought on “Pics & Stories

  1. cUTE PICTURES! I hate going to the doctors. You go one time and for some reason you are continually getting bills week after week! I love the stories! Sorry we missed out at the park today. Jakes car broke down yesterday and Brooks got a fever last night. So we have been taking it easy today! Hope you had fun!

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