My Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was awesome. Besides the fact that I got a 2-hour nap, a homemade card with Nate’s new letter-writing skill, the dishes done and dinner made, and a new shelf built in the garage (so I’ll be able to step into my upstairs storage closet once again), Rob made me a custom photo book with sweet pictures and sweet thoughts.

There are many online services that offer printed books of your blogs and photos but there is quite a variation in quality out there. Rob decided to go through the service that our professional photo printer recommended, My Canvas. The price for a leather-bound, 20-page book is about $45.00, less for non-leather. Rob really liked how easy it was to insert and drag pictures to get the exact look you want. You can see an online version of this book here. Just make sure to have a kleenex handy.

This really was one of the best Mother’s Day gifts I’ve received. It took thought, effort, and love. I am always amazed how much my husband cares for me. I love you, Rob!

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