What’s Up?

20090206-DSC_7221 Buzz Lightyear

Thought I’d post these funny pictures I took a while back. Turns out, Buzz Lightyear is a little camera shy.

First off, it’s wonderful to have our computer back up. I feel so cut-off from the world without my email/internet.

Our trip to Southern Utah was grand. Highway 12 and the the national parks along it are seriously some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. We ran into people from all over the world who flew tens of thousands of miles just to see these places that are a mere 5 hours from our front porch. If any of you haven’t been, you MUST!! I can’t urge you enough. I was in awe the entire time. We’re planning another trip down early this fall if any of you are interested in joining us. And a huge shout-out to Rob’s parents for watching the kids over the weekend. Nate and Madeleine always have such a fun time when they’re at the grandparent’s house…and so do we 😉

Rob’s convocation for his Master’s Degree was yesterday and it was cool to see him all dressed up like Harry Potter. Everything went so smoothly until it was time to find somewhere to eat. There were hour and a half wait times everywhere! Rob kept deciding on different restaurants, but they all had the same story. Wouldn’t be so hard except there were 2 sets of grandparents who can’t walk and 2 little kids in tow so it got a little crazy. We ended up driving down to Sugarhouse to eat there and still had to wait! An hour and a half later we finally got dinner. Thanks to all our family who have loved us during all the many years of school. I’m super proud of my hubby and I know you all are, too.

I took Nate to the doctor the other day due to his incessant fatigue. Everything seems fine but the doctor had blood drawn to check for anemia, etc. It wasn’t fun getting his blood work done. Nate had his blood drawn a few weeks ago for his regular endocrinology appointment and knew exactly what was about to transpire. I had him and Madeleine on my lap. I’ve never heard a higher, louder, longer scream come out of that boy…and that’s saying a lot! BUT, his vein collapsed and they had to do it all over again! The nurse took Madeleine so I could hold Nate down better and he let out another soul-piercing scream. This really freaked Madeleine out so she decided to start wailing, too. Finally, it was done and we went and got a Jamba Juice. We’ll get the results by the end of the week and will let everyone know what they are, but I’m pretty much counting on everything being fine. Maybe just a growth spurt.

Here’s one funny story to end on. The other day I was outside playing with Nate and told him it was almost time to go inside. He told me he was going to see what time it was and ran inside. A moment later he ran back out and told me, “The clock says it’s time to play outside.” Cute.

2 thoughts on “What’s Up?

  1. Congratulations Robby! That is such a HUGE accomplishment! Sorry we couldn’t make it.
    That is the cutest story about Nathan and playing outside. He is such a cute boy!

  2. Way to go Rob, that’s awesome. So sorry about at the doctors office-that is so not fun. Hopefully if something is wrong they can find it. Good luck with that.

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