Easter…A Month Ago

The Kids

Yeah, yeah, yeah…

Anyway, Easter was really great. Rob and I get more and more bugged each year with the commercialization of Easter. I mean, it’s EASTER. We worship and commemorate Jesus’ resurrection. I was at Toys R Us a couple of weeks before the holiday and their “Easter” baskets were taller than I am full of expensive toys and tons of candy. It sickened me. Granted, I am sickened by most marketing and commercialism, but that’s a whole other (really long) blog post.

So this year we kept a low-key, wonderful Easter which I hope will become a tradition. We invited our elderly neighbor, Janie, over for dinner and to watch the kids find some eggs and get pictures of Jesus to put up in their bedrooms. Simple as that. Nate and Madeleine were so cute! Here are our pictures.

And a very belated Happy Easter!!

2 thoughts on “Easter…A Month Ago

  1. This is why we do the fun, “worldly” Easter stuff on Saturday morning, and the real Easter stuff on Sunday. It works for us even though Eden has to explain to her friends that the Easter Bunny already came to her house 🙂

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