A Saturday With The Cromey’s

Lincoln, Nate, Madeleine

A few weeks ago some friends (Brad, Tiffiany, and Lincoln Cromey) had decided to drive all the way up to Roy from Eagle Mountain to take their son to the Hill Aerospace Museum (pictures). Since we live just a couple of minutes away from the museum, they called us up and invited us to join them. Luckily, we hadn’t made other plans and were able to go.

It was windy and chilly, but the boys had SO much fun! They ran from airplane to airplane pointing up at them and smiling. They even got to go inside a helicopter! But when all that good stuff got old, they had a blast chasing each other in circles and in between the rows of chairs. But I’d say out of everything, their favorite part was putting coins in the donation funnel and watching them go around, and around, and around. Simple pleasures, eh?

After all that excitement, we decided to go to lunch at The Pizza Factory. It was a little crazy with the boys fighting over Lincoln’s motorcycle toys and Madeleine spilling a huge glass of ice water, but the company and food was fantastic.

Thanks, Cromey’s, for the fun Saturday! Next time we’ll meet down your way.

One thought on “A Saturday With The Cromey’s

  1. We always have a good time with you guys. Cute picture. Atleast Lincoln is saying cheese.

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