Nate and some new photo gear

sad nate

Our children are extremely photogenic and here are a couple of good examples of that.  I recently got everything I need to use my SB-600 flash as an off-camera flash and I am completely thrilled with the results!  I used my SB-600 at about 1/8th power with a 45” shoot-through umbrella camera left with a 42” reflector camera right.  Nate made this awesome pouty face because his sister knocked over his trains (out of the frame near his feet). 

my son

This shot was taken the same way except that Nate had pushed over the reflector (this is how I got such a cute expression on his face).  We repeated this exercise about 4 times and the photo above is my favorite from the set. What a stud!  I went with a split-toned black and white treatment for this one and I think it works well.

Nate has been so much fun lately and is learning so much.  Nate had is adenoids (it really bugs me that we say adenoids when there is only one adenoid) out and tubes put in his ears a couple of weeks ago and his audiologist recently confirmed that he is now hearing normally!  Go Nate!  Hearing better has made a huge difference for him.  His speech is getting much better and we are just so happy for him.  Here are a couple of cute things he has done lately.

He had a cold the other day so we told him we were going to put the humidifier in his room.  He got an intense look on his face and said, “no fire in my room!”  I told him that it wasn’t a fire and that it would put water in the air to help him breath, to which he responded, “but it will get in my eyes!”  After we put his fears to rest he was pretty excited about the whole thing. 

On Sunday, I ran in the door from a home teaching visit, grabbed a snack, told everyone that I was late, and that I was going to visit with the Bishop.  Nate said that he wanted to come and was really enthusiastic about it!  I told him that he could go with me to visit his friend Kohen later and that I would be right back.  He was excited to go visit his friend but was really bummed that he couldn’t go with me to visit the bishop.  Weird I thought.  Later that evening, Julie told me that further conversation with Nate showed that Nate thought I was going to visit the spaceship rather than the bishop.  🙂

My family rocks!

3 thoughts on “Nate and some new photo gear

  1. Both look great but I think I like the split tone coloring better. I am obsessed with off camera flash. It is a lot of fun.Was just crashing around the site and you guys are taking some great pictures, I think I will have to join you on one of your photo walks. Maybe I’ll bring ryan along.

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