RJ Snow Photography Workshop Aftermath

Shapely Shadow - By Julie

We would like to thank all that came and participated in our workshop on Saturday.  We had such a great time learning about photography.  Special thanks to Shannon (see her stuff here) for joining us and sharing her skill and knowledge of photographic subjects.  If you would like to review the materials or if you didn’t attend and would like to learn more about exposure, please review the slideshow and handout (pending) from the event.  Hopefully, we’ll see you next time. 

We have started a group on Flickr for sharing photos that were taken during our photowalks and workshops.  If you’re not a member of Flickr then sign up (it’s free). Please join the group and submit your photos.  I was busy helping people and didn’t get a chance to take any pictures; however, Julie took some really cool pictures that you can see in the group

If any of you would like to offer some feedback on the workshop, please do so in the comments or send us an email

3 thoughts on “RJ Snow Photography Workshop Aftermath

  1. We were happy to put it on. We had a great time too. Yeah, I think a more private place next time will be an improvement. I’m excited to see everyone’s pictures too. Julie says that she can’t wait to see your pictures.

  2. It was a great time! I like the idea of doing it in a more private place next time. It was fun! I can’t wait to see what pictures everyone took.Julie, your pictures look awesome! I am always taken back by your creativity!

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