Yubanian Intermission

Yuba (11 of 13)

Continuing Julie’s theme of some of our activities while staying in St. George I present to you the story of a quick stop at Yuba Reservoir.   When traveling by automobile it is customary to take breaks every couple of hours to keep the kids happy and save our sanity.  Julie is really good at finding great ‘break spots’ wherever we happen to be.  She has mad skills; you should see her with a bow-staff!  Rain fell for most of the day; however, we were granted a brief window of fabulous conditions (most of the pics show threatening clouds in the distance) for our little stop-over at Yuba.   I feel pretty good about calling that a ‘tender mercy.’

Nate excels at ‘getting right at the fun’ in any situation.  No sooner had we arrived and got his sand tools out of the car, Nate was instantly having fun and we were right there enjoying the show.  Those of you that have a decent relationship with Nate know that he comes with his own traveling show (quite a perk I must say).  Watching him roll this log around in the water was so enjoyable; the trudging, the rolling, the concentration, awesome!

It appears that Madeleine enjoys the sand and water as much (maybe even more) as Nate did at her age.  She was really cute playing and watching her brother (the show factor here again).  After about 45 minutes, the rain clouds threatened more seriously and we continued our trek to Southern Utah.  More to come from our Southern Utah adventure.

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