Foto Friday – Boyhood

Foto Friday - Boyhood

I love this picture. It’s just so…Nate.

I used an imported preset called “New York Vintage” which faded the colors and added a slight vignette for me. Then I pulled some green and blue back in, and played with the lights and darks a little.

I took this picture on our second day at Zion’s National Park on the Riverside Walk trail. Nathan and his dad had just finished throwing rocks and playing in the river. He is damp and covered in sand. You can just tell he’s fascinated by the dirt he’s walking through. He’s not in a hurry to be anywhere or do anything. He’s content. What I wouldn’t give to be like that at times!

It was so great being outside in such beautiful surroundings and letting Nathan run around and play and explore. Isn’t that what boyhood is all about?

3 thoughts on “Foto Friday – Boyhood

  1. Nathan is so cute and he is getting tall. I am surprised not to see snow there. He is dressed like it is warm. I wish summer were here again. Love, Maria.

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