St. George – Family

Shadows on the Rock

We took SO many pictures in St. George back in October that it’s been hard to get through them all. We had tons of fun while there. For one of the weekends, my sister and her family came to stay with us. Which was totally cool.

During the two and a half weeks we were there we ventured to Snow Canyon State Park, Zion National Park twice, and two ghost towns (neither town totally worthy of the drive).

It was so fun to be somewhere different for more than a quick trip. We enjoyed the area very much and especially loved the weather and gorgeous scenery!

These pictures are just of the family in different locals while there. We’ll do a separate “Landscape” post later.

2 thoughts on “St. George – Family

  1. I wonder if I could use this cute photo for our digital sign as a beautiful example of quality family time together here in St. George for Valentines day?
    Please contact me via email at Thanks!

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