Snow Canyon

Light by Julie

Here are our landscape pictures from Snow Canyon. It was really cold and windy that day, which was a bummer for Rob because he had two freezing girls with him. Otherwise, he would have been there for hours taking pictures!

Snow Canyon is such a treat! It’s so fun to play in the sand, climb the petrified dunes, and view the amazing landscape. I don’t think the place gets enough credit. Such a fun place for families to hike and explore! Here is a post we did about a different visit there. We’ll probably return every time we find ourselves in the St. George area.

Oh, and you’re in for a real treat tomorrow. Rob has an excellent Foto Friday that he took while there.

One thought on “Snow Canyon

  1. This is a great shot too! You guys are super talented and love visiting every Friday to see what you have instore for me. Have you ever thought about making a calendar and selling them to business to pay you to add their logo? Some companies like to send calanders out at christmas time to advertise….maybe you can make some good money….maybe it would be too much work…..I don’t know. Great shots today! Thanks both of you for sharing!

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