Foto Friday – Salient

Foto Friday - Salient

 Taken with Nikon D40 in Zion National Park, Utah on October 18, 2008. Aperture Priority Mode, 22mm, 1/160 sec f/11, ISO 200, Nikon Raw Format. Edited in Lightroom 2.1. 

We are finally back from Southern Utah and we have a ton of sweet pictures to share.  To wet your appétit, I decided to use one of those shots for Foto Friday!  I don’t have much time tonight so I’ll keep it very brief!  In the words of Nate, “HOLY COW!”  Zion National Park is freaking amazing and if you haven’t been there you just have no idea what I am talking about.  Bottom line here is that we have an amazing world with some of the most amazing scenery right here in our state!  We are so lucky.

This shot of a foot bridge over the Virgin River was taken at the trailhead for the Emerald Pools (great hike by the way).  Nate and Mad both did really well on this hike!

To recreate the singularity of the scene I increased the contrast, increased the saturation (I did this selectively for each color), and added a little mid tone sharpening.  That’s it!   Hope you enjoy this image and remember to enjoy yourself behind the lens!

Note to the photowalkers!  Tomorrow’s lunch location has been changed to Pier 49 Pizza because the sandwich shop is closed on Saturday.  See you tomorrow!!

2 thoughts on “Foto Friday – Salient

  1. This really is a great picture! I love everything about it! You guys should think about making a calendar or something. I would buy one!

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