Post Photowalk Instructions

A Light Touch

We all had a great time on the photowalk this morning!  It is so much fun to take pictures with friends.  You can find the official Flickr group here.  If you participated in the photowalk and are not a member of Flickr or one of my contacts, then we need to fix that before you can participate in the group. 

How to get in the group!

  • Go to and sign up (why not, it’s free!).
  • Upload some pictures, set everything up, and get used to Flickr. There is really good help information at the bottom of every page.
  • Go to my profile page here.
  • In the upper right corner you see blue text that says, “Add Engineering Nerd as a contact.”
  • Then wait for me to invite you to the group.  You’ll get an email asking you to confirm.  
  • To access the group, click on the “Groups” button at the top of every page on Flickr where you’ll see a list of groups that you participate in. Click on “Main Street Photowalk – Salt Lake City” and you’re there.

How to add photos to the group!

  • After uploading your picture to Flickr, click on the picture in your photostream (here is ours).
  • Just above your photo you should see several buttons.  Click “Add to group” and choose the “Main Street Photowalk – Salt Lake City” and then click “add” when prompted. 

In the group you can share your photos, make comments on the photos of others, and participate in the discussions.  My hope is that we’ll all learn a lot as we post-process the photos and discuss the results together. 

    Have Fun!

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