Final Photowalk Details

Looking Down Sidewalk

The RJSnowPhotography Photowalk is coming up this Saturday at 10 AM!  The theme is CONTRAST. Here are the details.

  • Meet Location: Let’s assemble at the west entrance of Gallivan Plaza (download map). 
  • Route: Main Street between 1st and 4th South Streets. 
  • Parking: You can arrive at the plaza using Trax or by parking in metered parking stalls (free on weekends) on the streets surrounding the plaza. 
  • Food: We will be eating at Gandolfo’s located at 158 South on Main Street around 11 AM to discuss the our photos.  Bring a laptop if you have one.
  • Check below to see if you are on the official list.  Please contact me if I accidentally left you off the list, can no longer attend, or if you would like to attend.
    Rob and Julie S.
    Andrea R.
    Travis and Claudia G.
    Eric B.
    Dean and Holly O.
    Deb J.
    Dayna M.
    Dayna’s Friend
    Tyson and Diane G.
    Becca G.
    UPDATE 10-24-08:  Gandolfo’s is closed on Saturday.  We will be eating at Pier 49 Pizza instead.  See you tomorrow!!!!

3 thoughts on “Final Photowalk Details

  1. Don’t worry and you don’t need to feel intimidated. We think that your photos are great! The last ones you took of Emily’s daughter are soooo good. I really like your favorite of that set as well. Great look and I really like how you separated her from the background. You shot it at a really nice and low angle!I think that we’ll all have a blast and we’ll all learn from each other – that is if Julie and I don’t fight over our camera the whole time! 🙂

  2. Rob-Yes, I’m still planning on coming even though I am intimidated…I am going to step outside of my comfort zone because I have so much to learn. I would love to learn how to use Lightroom more effectively as well. I’ll see you there. Thanks for putting this together!

  3. Hi Julie and Rob – this has nothing to do with the photoshoot, (I hope you post pictures – I’d love to see them).I really enjoy seeing the pics on your blog…..What this really is about – can the “Suntrails BAND” perform in Feb or Mar 09 – at a dance in the cultural hall? Just one set with a few songs people can dance too? – What do you think – I didn’t see you at church on Sunday to talk to you about it. I’ll catch you this Sunday possibly. Again – enjoy your pics that you post. Thanks – Cindy

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