I really think that “wander” is a really good word to describe what Nate does.  He doesn’t aimlessly wander because he is always intent upon something but that thing changes every 5 seconds!  Here is a picture of Nate as he goes about wandering to and fro all day long.


So what seems like wandering to me I now believe is actually work.  It is very interesting to me that he shows patterns of doing work at such a young age.  He systematically moves things around and it is clear that whatever he is doing is very important to him.  Those times are funny because he can work at them for up to 10 minutes.  He is so fascinating to me and I love to watch him wander around and work on his little projects.  This morning Julie and I were just chilling out and Nate took it upon himself to move all our paint samples to the other side of the bedroom.  It took him about 10 minutes!  Fascinating, Fascinating, Fascinating! 

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