The (Red) Nano

So I just have to say that I am so pleased that I got the 8GB solid-state memory Nano instead of the 30GB hard drive version of the IPod Video.  Why might you ask…isn’t bigger always better?  I will unfold my reasoning for you!  I was pretty much certain that apple was going to announce a new IPod video at the MacWorld Conference in January – instead they announced the iphone and I’m not really looking for something like that.  So I needed to decide between the 30GB video and 8GB Nano. 

My Nano

Initially I was all for the black IPod video since it was so much larger capacity!  I figured that I could do so much with it.  I argued that I would continue to use my shuffle at the gym etc – where the bouncing and running might damage the hard drive! – and use the video the rest of the time.  I also thought that the video capability would be nice for plane trips.  Well, Julie kept mentioning that she thought the video was just too big and she believed that it would start to annoy me.  Also, battery life was important and it is so much better for the Nano. 

So I went with the Red Nano and got the invisible shield to go on it to protect it from scratches and everything has gone flawlessly.  I also got the Nike armband for the gym and I am satisfied with that as well. 

So after a few months of daily use the Nano wins due to its compact design (I can take it anywhere in my pocket without annoyance), solid state (works great at the gym and doing other active stuff), battery life (24 hours play time), and it looks way better (newer design).  I’m very happy with it and would make the same decision again. 

3 thoughts on “The (Red) Nano

  1. So here is the deal with the 30GB vs the 80GB and the Nano as well. According to the IPod spec page the 30GB gets 14 hours of music playback, 4 hours of slideshow with music, and 3.5 hours of video after a full charge. The 80 GB gets 20 hours music, 6 hours slideshow with music, and 6.5 hours of video after a full charge. The nano gets 24 hours of music playback, and 5 hours of slideshow with music. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions and good luck. It took me a few weeks to decide.

  2. Wait…so how’s the battery life on the 30GB? I personally was saving up to buy that since 1. I need A LOT of space for songs and 2. I like having something somewhat bulky. It reassures me that I can’t lose it as easily. The Nano would give me panic attacks. BUT if it can’t last long, there’s no point since I play music literally all day. Please advise.

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