Nate’s Finger

Early on Saturday afternoon we remarked that Nathan was acting a little strange.  He is generally a very resilient little boy and it takes quite a fall for him to cry.  Nate was crying after seemingly typical falls or bumps so Julie and I started to investigate.  We found that the index finger on his left hand was sore and red.  We tried to remember if he had pinched it or something like that but couldn’t really remember anything like that happening lately.  So we decided that we would keep an eye on it.

We needed to go to the mall and while we were there he began acting quite lethargic and we saw increased swelling of his finger.  By this point both Julie and I were thinking that his finger must have somehow become infected and we decided that we should get him some medical attention. 

So the only “After-Hours” medical place that we could find in Layton was booked up until after 9:30pm.  This was a real shock because that was like 5 hours away!  So we put 411 to the test and finally made our way to a nice place in Ogden. 

It turns out that he did have an infection and we are in the process of treating it with antibiotics now.  The poor little guy still has a swollen finger that is very painful.  It has been waking him up at night and we feel so bad for him, but we think he may be beginning to feel a little better.

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