I was going through some photographs and found this AWESOME picture of Rob at his Junior Prom in 1997. It’s such a great picture and I just laughed. So I thought I’d post a comparison picture of me at the same age (17). Do we look like we belong together? Even back then?

4 thoughts on “17

  1. I don’t remember the name of the band. But I think that I remember something about LOTS of veggies for dinner because of Stephanie and her eating issues. I just remember that it was a really fun time.Do you remember who my date was?

  2. Love the hair, Rob! Julie, you look more established when you were 17. Dad says it takes a while for the guys to catch up.Mom

  3. Oh you too look so cute! I remember that day when Rob’s picture was taken. He made dinner for everyone in the group. He put alot of hard work into it and it was really good. Too bad his date was a little strange. (Don’t worry she was my friend at the time too.) Those were some interesting times…

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