Julie and I were discussing how interesting it is to watch kids begin to learn fear.  Up until a few weeks ago Nate wasn’t afraid of anything.  Now every once in a while something will freak him out for no reason that we can see. 
The other day Nate was playing with some toys that his great grandma gave him.  One is like a sink with a dishwasher and the sink had a spray hose.  So he was playing and having a great time when I decided to pull out the spray hose.  For some reason this just freaked him out like crazy!  So I picked him up and put the spray hose down.  I wanted to see if that was really what was going on so I pulled out the spray house again and he started to freak out once again!

Scary Toy

Nate is also practically fearless when it comes to climbing things.  It has been so interesting to watch him learn that things can hurt him and that he needs to be careful. 

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