Humble Dwelling on Lifou

Humble Dwelling

I will be posting some pictures from my mission the next few weeks. A lot of strange and interesting things happened to me while I was serving in New Caledonia.

In March of 2000 another missionary and I reopened the Loyalty Island of Lifou. The local government was basically organized in tribes with a great chief over the entire island. When we arrived we stayed with a local family while looking for a place to live.

This is a picture of our humble abode. As you can see it is not exactly the Marroitt. The floor is concrete with a loose roll of linoleum spread over it. We laid a couple of mats down under our 3 inch mattresses and I of course installed the mosquito netting! Or clothes were hung on a wire that we nailed into the window frames. Nobody had glass windows here, it was either open to the air of covered in plywood! The family trash pit was located 2 feet away from our front door as you can see in the picture below!

In spite of how difficult the living conditions were I had many amazing experinces while serving on Lifou and I hope to share some of that here. Here are some other pictures.

Humble Dwelling 2

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