A Grand, Grand Getaway

The beginning of Summer took us south for a family road trip and wedding with Rob’s parents, grandma, and sister (and her family).  We sure missed Rob’s brother and his fiancee and hope they can join us another time!

We hit some grand spots as we wound our way through some amazing landscape. Here are a few of our favorites.

Glen Canyon Dam – Since Rob is a dam engineer it seemed fitting that we stop at this dam overlook so he could get his dam picture taken again (hehehe…after all these years this dam joke still kills me EVERY dam time).



Nate wasn’t impressed by Madeleine’s trick.



Horseshoe Bend – Cool(ish). Hot. Crowded.



Grand Canyon – So great to see the world’s grandest crack!



This picture below is so funny to me.
Notice Madeleine, as she’s obviously the only one who noticed Rob!



Hmmm, no dam jokes here. Crack jokes? Sure! Here’s Rob exposing his bare crack!
Eh, I tried.



Swimming – No matter where you go, swimming is always a highlight, right?
It’s always better with cousins coming along.



I’m usually the last person you’ll ever find in a pool (or water of any sort other than a shower). Chalk it up to hailing from the Mojave desert. That’s my excuse anyway. However, it was HOT. It was SO hot that I actually jumped in (and by jumped in I mean gingerly stepped down in) the water. Not once, not twice, but three whole times! It’s a new record for me.



Sorry, Rob. I couldn’t help myself. I had to put in the sexy glamour shots I got of you!



The wedding we attended was the most fun wedding ever! The theme was “Movies From the 80s” and there was a movie trivia game where Rob and Madeleine won movie tickets, a popcorn and treat bar, and tons of prizes for all the kids. It sure set the expectations high for any wedding my kids attend in the future…expectations that are sure to be shattered.



We had a wonderful time together with Rob’s family, one full of fantastic places that left smiles on our faces.

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