Time for a Late Lunch

When we visited London last summer I loved the Borough Market next to the London Bridge. I enjoyed it for the people, the food, and the plentiful scenes. The lovely glass roof with green iron work between Stoney Street and Bedale Street completely mesmerized me. This street was so crowded on our first walk through, I couldn’t do much else than look up. I wasn’t disappointed. I’m not sure why they chose to crown the roof with a this Swiss clock but it certainly works.

This image was taken handheld on May 31th 2018 in London, England using the Fuji X-T10 and the Fuji 18–55mm lens at 46mm, 1/250s, f/6.0, and ISO 400. Editing was performed in Lightroom, with the classic chrome image profile, adjustments to contract, white point, clarity, and sharpening. This was screaming to be left in color so I chose the classic chrome profile to maintain the grunge of the scene.

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