How to Get $400 Off Disneyland Tickets + 3 (or More!) Free Nights of Hotel Using Points

A lot of people young and old alike dream all things Disney. Yet, while it’s only a day’s drive away, Disneyland remains out of reach for a lot of folks. Between the extortionate ticket prices and the heinous hotel costs, a 2-day/3-night trip usually costs a family of 6 almost $2,000 for tickets and hotel alone. Seems a little steep for just a couple of days, right?!

To help with the cost, vacationing families are always looking for Disney discounts, but there just aren’t any to be found. Walt and his friends keep a very tight reign on ticket costs and, at most, you might be able to find a distributor who can cut $8 off of a one-day $100 ticket. What a blah deal.

$400 off Disney Tickets

If you want 400 free dollars to be used toward Disney tickets, the only way to do it is to get two Disney Premier Visa cards (each spouse/partner can get one).  For each card, there is a $49 fee and a $500 spending requirement…but then the enchantment happens when two $250 statement credits magically appear. Minus the fees you paid and you come ahead $400 which is just about enough to pay for four 1-day tickets (or a significant discount on additional/multiple-day tickets).  Another perk of the card is a 10% savings at select dining and shopping purchases at the resort.

This is the best deal you can get on Disney anywhere, in any way!

3 Nights of Hotel for FREE

Of course, tickets aren’t your only major expense. Your family needs a nearby hotel and these can range per night from $100 to $holycraphigh even for a family of 4 (standard hotel room occupancy). Let’s say, like many families I know, you have 6 people total to house. Well then…you may as well throw in the towel now.

If you think there must be a better way to do this, you’re right! I’ve researched the options and have the best hotel credit card reward points offer here for you. Mind you, if you have less than 6 people in your family, you’ll have other hotels/card options available to you. Otherwise, just get this one card:

Marriott Rewards Premier Plus credit card

After paying the $95 fee and spending $3000 in 3 months, you’ll get 75,000 points which allows you to book, for FREE, 3 nights across the street from Disneyland at the SpringHill Suites Anaheim Maingate in a room that sleeps 6 people. This would normally cost you $256 per night or a total of $770.27 with tax.

(There are other perks included with this card as well, including 1 free-night certificate each year you renew. Or, feel free to cancel before your year is up.)

Cost Comparison

Without any credit card points, a family of 6 would pay $2,112.92 for 2 days at Disney and 3 nights of hotel including parking fees.

With credit card points, you’ll only pay $1,100.55…a savings of about a thousand dollars!

Why Now Is a Great Time

With tax refunds coming in right around the corner, now is the perfect time to apply for these cards, spend your return on whatever you want including your vacation (using the cards to pay for it!), and pay off the cards immediately with your tax refund.

You’ll end up with a full, dreamlike Disneyland vacation at half the price with very little effort.

Here are a few asterisks:

*Expect greater savings for a smaller family and smaller savings for a greater family.

*Programs change rules and hotels change availability. The information written was accurate at time of publication.

*Before you begin making plans, read my Disney Planning post about how to do it right so you don’t waste your days waiting in lines.

*No part of this post is sponsored. I just like to inform.

Any questions? I always love to talk travel so let ’em rip!





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