Round About in Luxembourg Gardens

The Luxembourg Gardens in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris and has remained a personal and family favorite destination in Paris. When we visited with our kids last year we had to visit it a second day to get our fill of such a lovely place.

I’ve posted another photo from the gardens here and Julie wrote more about how much fun we had in the park here. In case you are interested.

Nestled deep in the park are a couple little round buildings (perhaps they are more like utility sheds) that caught my fancy as I passed them a couple times last year. Round structures are not really practical in any way, are tremendously difficult to build, and are therefore rare, intriguing, and very deliberate.

The door faces the path immediately adjacent to the building. I framed up the photo with the same view because I love how the door is very square against the other curved features, makes for a very dark focal point, and also appreciate the larger stone above the door. The bricks are charming and the carved stone of the benches, back, and top are exquisitely carved. Everything is curved!

Perhaps my favorite parts of the building are the dark painted wood joists which extend out from the central core and support the large overhanging circular roof. Love everything about it how well it renders in black and white.

This image was taken handheld on May 5th 2017 in Paris, France using the Fuji X-T10 and the Fuji 18–55mm lens at 31.5mm, 1/250s, f/3.6, and ISO 200. Editing was performed in Lightroom for the black and white conversion.

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