Random Photo Roundup

Here is a fun roundup of random photos and videos from the past couple of months.

Panning for gold on the 4th of July at This Is the Place Heritage Park.

This man’s hoop dance was AWE-Mazing.

Cute girls, cute selfie!

Rob’s insane bed head has a life of its own.


He had a simple task of moving two wall speakers a mere 6 inches. I came home to this. It’s not even the wall where the speakers were mounted.

Madeleine made this sweet craft for me. “Love. Kind. Willing. Nice. Chef. Boss. Thoughful.”

My dad took this picture of my handsome husband while waiting for my niece and new husband to exit the temple.

We spent a Saturday trying very hard to catch a fish. No luck. 

So we climbed trains and played with a lost snake instead.


These next 3 videos are from Father’s Day 2015 but I just found them and think they are cute.




Here’s a drawing Cara drew of me. I’m sleeping in bed and those are hearts at the bottom. Yep. I love my sleep. See?

Caroline called me into her room to take a picture of her with Scouts.


One Sunday afternoon we drove up to the South Mountain Flight Park to explore and take in the view. The kids got a huge kick out of Rob driving through a mud puddle. We are pretty adventurous!

This video of Cara is a good ending for this post. She always makes me laugh!


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