Madeleine’s Baptism

We had such a special family weekend last month.

On Friday the 8th we drove up to Layton to be at our nephew’s baptism. Then Saturday morning was Madeleine’s baptism. The next day, Sunday, was our niece’s baby blessing and that night was her brother’s (another nephew’s) baptism.

It was truly a weekend full of love, support, and the spirit whispering to us that we are children of God and that He loves us.

Madeleine was the only child being baptized that day so she had the whole program to herself. We had many family members participate and I’m sure she felt very special.

I took down some quick notes from the blessing she was given after being confirmed.

  • Heavenly Father is proud of you for choosing to be baptized.
  • We love you and are excited for you.
  • Stay close to the Holy Ghost and be comforted by him when you read the scriptures, pray, and serve others.
  • Your love will swell and you’ll rejoice when you help others.
  • You’ll do well in school and your studies.
  • You’ll feel peaceful when you are a peacemaker.
  • Continue on the path of good choices.
  • Talk to your parents and friends.
  • Feel empathy for others.

After the program we all went back to the house and enjoyed pizza and good company.

Our family feels extremely blessed to have had the support and love of so many extended family members and friends. We love you all!

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