California 2015 – Beach Time

One of the priorities of our trip to California this year was to have some really good beach time and boy did we ever. A huge bonus was a significant storm far out to see pushing monster waves towards California. This produced some of the best waves I’ve ever seen in California (not that I’ve seen all that many but still). Such a blast to play in the sea for hours at a time and hang out with my entire family.

The Entire Family

Check out the video to experience all the fun.

We went to Huntington Beach multiple times because it is such a great beach and was so near to where we were staying. The first afternoon/evening we setup shop near the pier. Great spot and the sunset was mind blowing! I included a couple photos from all our visits to Huntington Beach.

Nate on the Beach Nate Action Parents

The other beach we hit was Little Corona del Mar. This place is literally a treasure. Just take a look. You’ll know what I mean.

Little Corona Water Crazy Kelly & Jess Julie Pose Corona del Mar

A couple of last thoughts about the beach. The ocean is an amazing place; the smells, the sounds, the sand and sun are all so breathtaking. On the flip side the sea is so powerful and that can be a little scary. I (Rob) am not a strong swimmer so getting out just a little too far makes me uneasy.

I loved watching the kids on the beach and playing with them. You can’t pay for that kind of happiness, joy, and fun. It comes from nature. Literally amazing.

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