Big Job News

Okay, our job news isn’t exactly big but I thought just Job News sounded too boring so I went with Big Job News in order to entice you to read. Sorry.

Last week was a big week for us.

1) We were hired multiple times by the same company to do corporate headshots. This is our favorite kind of photoshoot because it’s quick and pays well.

2) Rob got a promotion at work. He is now the Geotech Team Lead. Well done, Rob! He swears that this change won’t lead to working more hours or more travel. It does, however, change how much he does actual engineering vs project management. He prefers engineering work but knows that project management is the necessary next step in his career. It’ll take a little while to figure out the workload balance but he’s up to the task.

Not only is Rob a brilliant, hardworking engineer (in my not-so-humble opinion) but he also has really good people skills. Because of all these traits, he’s the best person for the job. Congrats!

3) I was hired by a digital marketing company, Leadgenix, as a copy/content writer.

Every so often over the years, when I got extremely bored for weeks at a time with house cleaning and childcare, I’d start looking around for a job. There were plenty of times when I found something interesting but it never felt like it was the right timing. That feeling changed a couple of weeks ago when I found an opening for this position. It somehow just felt right so I submitted my resume and a written piece to prove I can write in SEO (search engine optimization) format.

I’ve been assigned to a year-long project with a national client. They have hundreds of franchises around the country and they each need a webpage overhaul in order to become more google-search friendly. I’m currently writing landing pages and will also at times write blog posts and whatever else they want.

The good news is that I get to do this at home on my own time. It couldn’t have worked out better. I’m so thankful that I get to do something new and I also get to contribute to my travel fund. It’s a very important fund, you know.

The bad news is that now Im like soooo nervous to write anything unprofessional like this blogg post, cause it probably has about fifteen grammatical     errors in and You are all going to “wonder how in the world I get a writing gig” when i can not even right a paragraph properish?.

Go Team Snow!

And a little comic to end things off because posts without pics are boring. This pretty much sums up our nightly discussions.

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