On our fourth try, we finally hit kitty jackpot. Meet Scouts. I’m not sure why his name is plural but that’s what the kids came up with and it stuck.

I was waiting to blog about him just in case he wasn’t going to be a permanent member of our family but it’s been two months and my kids are still in kitty heaven.

This little guy has been the best thing to happen to my kids. He snuggles with them and follows them around and plays. He isn’t shy. He isn’t whiny. He lets them carry him around in the most uncomfortable of positions and he rarely tries to get away. He lets them have their way with him and then he comes back for more.


Honestly, Scouts has been a blessing to have in our home. Silly to say that about a cat but it’s true. The fact that he takes up so much of my children’s time and attention is nothing short of a godsend!

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