Perfection – A Point of View

In church today we were discussing the attributes of Heavenly Father. Two of these attributes that jumped out at me today were perfection and perfect judgement. I thought of the concept taugh by Joseph Smith that we, being imperfect, are incapable of even recognizing perfection.

I’ve been thinking a lot of that lately in respect to life and children especially. For instance, I have three wonderful children that drive me crazy but are also the joy of my life. Consider my sweet Madeleine.

Madeleine 1

Here she is holding a favorite stuffed animal. She is growing up too fast. Already the ship has sailed on princesses and she is pretty obsessed with Monster High dolls. She can be a little selfish at times (somewhat typical of a five-year-old) as she learns how to interact with others.

On the other hand her hyper girl attitude is starting to kick in and her laugh is infectious. A day doesn’t go by that I’m not surprised and amused by a hilarious quip or statement. She is a fantastic girl and I love her so much.

Madeleine 2

Getting back to my point, who’s to say what perfection really means? Life is full of ups and downs I know and we certainly experience many of those (often self-inflected). However, I can’t help but think that I am surrounded by perfection but am unable to perceive it. I feel like this is especially true of our children. It’s easy to say all of this in a blog post and I’m sure tomorrow I’ll be back to getting frustrated by the kids as usual but perhaps I can hold onto a little more of what is in my heart now.

Madeleine 3

I’d be crazy if I didn’t squeeze in this snapshot of Julie that was taken at the same time I took these photos of Madi. Julie is the love of my life and I can’t help but also recognize her perfection. She is wonderful and I love sharing my life with her.


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