We decided to take a few days off and go to Delta. Yeah, you read that right. Delta, Utah. Rob had to go down there to work on a project at the salt domes and the kids and I didn’t have anything better to do so we decided to join him for part of the time. I had never been there before and the drive wasn’t very long so why the heck not?

Rob left Tuesday night and we left Wednesday after I picked the kids up from school. The hotel wasn’t too bad. I’ve stayed in much worse. They had free breakfast waffles and hot chocolate which is really the only amenity the kids desire in a hotel. Rob wasn’t quite done working when I checked in and the lady at the front desk was pretty hesitant to give me a key to the room. She said, “I don’t know, there isn’t really any way for me to know you’re not a crazy lady or something.” I was thinking, “Well, that may be true. After all, I’m here in Delta of all places with three little kids. I suppose I could be some stalker ex-wife or something…” Luckily Rob called at that moment and said he’d be there in two minutes, which I told the lady. She said, “Oh, good” like she was happy that now she wouldn’t have to make that judgment of my character, and gave me the key. Haha. Weird.

That night we went to the highest recommended Mexican place in town which was next door. It was fine. Here I am waiting for the kids in the restroom.

photo (12)

Then we watched part of Full House while in bed and went to sleep. Madeleine’s squeaky snore kept the rest of us up laughing for a little while but after Nate nudged her all was quiet.

The next morning the kids and I went to the Great Basin Museum but it was closed for some reason. So instead we watched concrete being poured.

photo (13)

We then went to the local Rock Shop. They man was nice and gave us a deal. Nate got an obsidian arrowhead and the girls chose a handful of pretty colored stones. photo (14)

Off to the park! It was a beautiful fall day.

photo (15)


photo (17)


photo (19)


photo (18)


Madeleine giggled so hard when she put her arms up like this because, “People can see my armpits!”

photo (16)


photo (20)


Then we decided to drive out of town to the WWII Japanese Internment Camp site. We drove through farmland. And drove. And drove. Finally we came to the site and that’s exactly what it was. A site. Of nothing. Back we drove and drove to town. We ate lunch at McDonald’s and luckily they have a big playland which kept the kids entertained for an hour. Then back to the hotel while I read and the kids watched Tom & Jerry and jumped on the beds.

photo (21)


When Rob got off work we decided to go to Gunnison Bend Reservoir. We drove to a tiny beach where I only somewhat jokingly called this our ghettocation. We drove again to find the actual public beach and when we got there it was closed. Again for some unknown reason.

photo (22)


<a href="IMG_0881.MOV” target=”_blank”>Video Link or click the below pic.


We drove back into town and had a nice dinner at The Hubb. Then back to the hotel for more tv and bed-jumping.

The next morning we tried the museum again and it was open this time. They had some interesting things to look at but it was all out in the open at hand-level but was all strictly “No Touching”. I had to carry Cara around the whole time to prevent the docent from giving us a talking-to. At least she gave my kids each a big chunk of obsidian on the way out which made Nate’s day.

After this we drove out of town again to Fort Deseret. It was just half of a mud wall in the middle of nowhere surrounded by weedy fields. I was afraid of ticks and rattlesnakes so we didn’t even get out of the car. Right then we decided there really wasn’t anything left for us to do so we drove straight home, calling and telling Rob on the way. He drove home that afternoon.

Yeah, so not our best trip on the books but at least I got a break from cooking and cleaning for 2 days. Overall rating: Not terrible.

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