Robert with a Softbox

I took these of Rob after his annual Christmas shave. I like to see his whole face every once in a while; after all, it’s the face I fell in love with! He prefers a beard (and honestly I do like it, too) but will shave it off once a year just for me.

I wanted to take all these similar pictures and edit them using various presets. They all have the same backdrop (our wall) and lighting. You can see how different each image feels depending on it’s temperature, the level of clarity, and whether it’s b&w or color.

Deciding which treatment is best for each photo is one of my favorite things about editing. I like to capture the “feel” we are going for. Playful? Subdued? Edgy? Romantic?

In this case, it’s more of a headshot with a plain background, so that limits the creativity slightly.


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I think I prefer the top right or bottom right. Which is your favorite? 

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